Great Ribs at Pat’s Rib Place (Waukesha, WI)

One day earlier this summer my wife came home and said “I think there is a new rib place opening up on Sunset Drive.”Knowing my love of all things barbeque she was kind of gloating about knowing about a place opening before me, especially a rib place.  For weeks every time I drove by (which is a lot) I would pull into the parking lot and look at the progress.  Finally about a month ago Pat’s Rib Place opened their doors.  A week or so after they opened I was able to stop by for lunch on a Saturday.  I am glad I did because I was able to try some very delicious spare ribs.

The spare ribs are meaty, smoky, and have nice seasoning mix that is somewhat different than most rubs that tend to be filled with paprika to get the ribs nice and red. I later read this article which indicated it was a wet rub instead of a dry one.   This wet rub seasoning is more subtle and leaves the smoke to do the coloring and flavoring, the result is a rib that even without a drop of sauce, taste great. At Pat’s  the true stars of the show are smoke and pork, which is really what BBQ is all about. Ddon’t get me wrong, Pat’s hits a home run with all four of their sauce offerings as well.   My favorite might have been the brown sugar (I think that is what it was called) which has a pronounced molasses taste.  The regular sauce had a great balance of sweetness and vinegar with a little bit of a peppery kick and would go great with any of their smoked meats.  They also have a spicy sauce, the Memphis Mad Dog, and another one with a pronounced apple taste.  I found myself alternating sauces with each rib I ate.

The thing I really like about Pat’s is the ability to order three sizes of each entrée.  For example if you order spare ribs you can get a 4 piece dinner, a half rack (6 pieces) or a full rack.  The one thing I didn’t like was the lack of any “combo” platter where you can try 2-3 of the barbecued meats, though that is a minor complaint.  Each dinner was served with  great coleslaw and a mound of fries.  They also give you some of their homemade baked beans.  I am not a fan of baked beans at all so I don’t have  a large frame of reference to compare them to but these were actually pretty decent.  I am guessing any baked bean fan would have loved them.   The sauce, like one of their bbq sauces, also had a pronounced molasses flavor with chunks of bacon mixed in. 

Pats also has baby back ribs, pulled pork shoulder, chicken, and beef ribs, which are a rarity around here. They also have buffalo wings, turkey wings and catfish or perch dinners.  Pat’s Rib Place is located at 151 E. Sunset Drive in Waukesha, 262-544-4099.  Its across the street from K-Mart in a strip mall.  Also in that strip mall is Robert’s, a great local butcher.

*NOTE: I updated this review in 2011.  The original review was written before they had their liquor license and I had said I would love to have beer with my BBQ.  They do now serve beer and have a very nice selection!

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