Cucina in Kohler, WI Celebrates 20 Years


Cucina, a great Italian restaurant located in the Shops At Woodlake in Kohler, Wisconsin is celebrating it 20th Anneversary this year with a special three-course meal for $20.  I have eaten there once and everything was spectacular. Cucina could best be described as upscale Italian. With items such as porcini-crusted scallops with grilled asparagus and roasted red beet risotto it is clear this isn’t your typical red sauce heavy Italian American restaurant.  It was over 5 years ago when I last ate there but I still remember the delicious gnocchi dish I had.

Here are some of the Menu Samplings


Prosciutto con Fichi e Formaggio Di Carpa (and please excuse any letters I’ve capitalized or lower-cased in error… lol) – prosciutto with figs and goat cheese.

Ravioli Fritti – ravioli stuffed with a medley of Italian cheeses, tomato herb sauce.


Minestrone Soup – legumes, fresh vegetables.


Insalata d’amore – artichoke hearts, cucumbers, pea pods, yellow peppers, green onions, melons and berries on a bed of mixed greens, pineapple-basil dressing.


Pane con Uova alla Rustica – scrambled eggs, spinach, pickled asparagus, green olives, cucumbers, green onions and tomato on homemade hearth bread.

Pollo Saltimbocca – chicken breast with mustard, mushroom and onions topped with prosciutto, artichoke hearts and cheese medley.


Gelato – homemade Amaretti cookies

Torta Gelata di Cioccolato – Frozen chocolate espresso torte, warm hazelnut Frangelico custard and fresh berries.

Additional courses $7 each

For reservations or more information, please call 920-452-3888

Cucina is located in the Shops at Woodlake, 725 E. Woodlake Road,  Kohler, WI.


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