Door County Part 4: Egg Harbor Eats

Shipwrecked Brewery

Shipwrecked serves pretty decent bar food.  The highlights on the menu are their own barbeque items (which they smoke themselves) like ribs, pulled pork, and brisket.   I really enjoyed the brisket sandwich (though I prefer when people slice brisket, not shred it).  It had a great smoky flavor and the homemade barbeque sauce was perfectly sweet and tangy with a hint of spice.  The Pub Club Wrap is a fairly typical flour tortilla crammed full of turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheddar and garlic mayo.  It was good, but nothing special.

The Pumpkin Ale was one of the better Pumpkin brews I have tried.  I honestly think it was better than Lakefront, which is my favorite Pumpkin beer. Peninsula Porter was also very good.  It is a  rich full bodied, malty beer that paired well with the cold, rainy weather that day. 

If you are there don’t miss their homemade Seafood Chowder which is loaded with shrimp, crab potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms.  I kind was worried that the mushroom was out of place in a seafood chowder but it actually worked with their recipe.

If I lived in Door County, Shipwrecked would be one of my favorite hangouts.  7791 Egg Harbor Road
Egg Harbor ph. (920) 868-2767


The last night of our stay we were trying to decide where to go to eat.  We were going to check out the Inn at Kristoffer’s or the Mission Grille, which I really enjoy.  Then we decided that we wanted something more casual so we checked out Trio in Egg Harbor.  Trio features French and Italian food in a casual setting.  The vibe is very much like Napa Valley or Sonoma.  They have a good wine selection and a diverse menu that changes quite often.

For an appetizer we had the deep fried artichokes.  I was somewhat disappointed in these.  I had foolishly assumed they were fresh (or even frozen) artichokes.  Unfortunately they were the canned variety.  I like canned artichokes just fine but that vinegary brine taste just didn’t work when they are breaded and fried.  The delicious garlic aioli was the only saving grace.  They also serve some excelent crusty bread and butter with all diners.

I love Cassoulet so that is what immediately caught my eye on the diverse menu.  It was a good version of this French classic, featuring beans, lamb, sausage, and duck confit stewed together and topped with breadcrumbs.  My only complaint was that the duck skin wasn’t crisped up.  I like to place the confit duck leg under the broiler before serving the cassoulet to transform that rubbery skin into the crispy outer shell that duck lovers live for.  The meat was still excellent as poaching it in fat transformed it into a succulent, tender, and extremely flavorful piece of meat.   I haven’t had cassoulet at restaurants too often but I would definitely order this again, even though I am fairly certain I can reproduce an equally tasty version at home.

My wife had the steak frites, which featured a NY Strip Steak and some crispy shoestring fries.  The steak was perfectly cooked and full of flavor.  The fries were addictive, but you had to work fast because of their thinness they got cold fast.

The dessert may have been the best part of the meal.  An apple Tart Titan made with local apples is served with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.  The golden flaky crust surrounds some honey crisp apples that had been sautéed with brown sugar and cinnamon.  Vanilla ice cream would have been good with this but the cinnamon ice cream was what really elevated this dessert.  We ate every last morsel.

I really enjoyed Trio and would definitely recommend it for a casual meal.  The prices are awesome as most items are in the 15-20 dollar range.  If you are dining with a larger group, this would be an excellent choice as well. Trio is located at 4655 County Rd E on the corner of Hwy 42 and E in north Egg Harbor ph. 920-868-2090


3 thoughts on “Door County Part 4: Egg Harbor Eats

  1. I think I’d have to concur on the topic of Shipwrecked. We haven’t been there in a number of years, though — so I’m glad to hear that they’re still a great casual place to hang.

    I might have to make a trip up just for that pumpkin ale!

  2. I’ve been to Shipwrecked and I agree. Haven’t had the pumpkin ale though. Just a reminder,
    Lakefront’s pumpkin is a lager beer (and a damn fine one). If Shipwrecked’s is an ale, there are distinct differences between the two. It’s better to have a favorite in each category anyway.

  3. On our annual end-of-season trip to Door County, Shipwrecked is the first stop driving to the north, and Trio is an annual dinner destination.

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