Christmas Songs

My twitter comment asking which Christmas band was worsel Trans Siberian Orchestra or Manheim Steamroller sparked some replies in favor and some calling me crazy.  One follower asked what I thought was good Christmas music so I decided to do this non-food related post.   Every year my favorite Christmas songs change.  There are some staples that will […]

Pacific Produce Asian Supermarket

Pacific Produce, the new Asian marketplace at 27th & Grange in Greenfield, opened 2 weeks ago to little fanfare and publicity. Given the hype that a new Sendik’s or Metro Market generates, I am surprised at the lack of local media coverage.  Then again they probably don’t have a pr or marketing department.    Let […]

Primal Cuts: Cooking With America’s Best Butchers

For many Americans the ritual of buying meat is a boring and impersonal ordeal. Everything is in a neat package on display in refrigerated cases.  Everything has been cut down into pretty steaks and roasts with no imperfections and no indication that it actually came from a living breathing thing.  That seems to be changing, albeit on a very […]

Random year end list

Everyone has end of year lists so I figured I would make some random Best of 2009 list as filler because I probably won’t post again until after the new year.  So here goes…   Best meal of the year has to be from Graham Elliot in Chicago.  So many courses, so many incredible tastes. […]