The last couple of years bacon and burgers have dominated the food headlines but I kind of get a sense that artisanal charcuterie is starting to hit the mainstream.  I suppose that since bacon is charcuterie it has already arrived but I am seeing more restaurants adding house-made charcuterie items to their menus than ever before.  Home cooks are […]

Great Lakes Distillery announces Rehorst Citrus and Honey Vodka

Great Lakes Distillery is announcing the release of their newest product; Rehorst Citrus & Honey Vodka .  This vodka is produced using real lemons and pure Wisconsin honey produced by Wisconsin Natural Acres While most flavored vodka’s are produced with industrial flavorings, Rehorst Citrus & Honey uses only natural ingredients. Hundreds of lemons are […]

Best of 2007

Since everyone has end of year lists, I figured I would do the same. Top five meals: 1. (tie) Mesa Grill in Vegas and Mustards Grill in Yountville, CA (Napa Valley). 3. Shibuya in Las Vegas 4. Rose Pistola in San Francisco 5.  The Sportsman, Boulder Junction Wisconsin Five best things I ate in 2007: […]

Happy New Year

Well the holidays are finally over and I can now get back to my regular schedule, which hopefully includes updating this blog more often.  In the following weeks you will find several restaurant reviews including Yokoso, Lotus, Crazy Water, and Eric’s Porterhaus.   I should have part one of the Marcel Biro interview finally ready to […]

Coming soon to EatWisconsin

Later this week watch for some of the following: EatWisconsin interviews Marcel Biro, restaurateur, culinary teacher, cookbook author, and star of the PBS show “The Kitchens of Biro.  Marcel discusses plans for the expansion of their culinary empire, shares some of his culinary approach, and discusses his new role as Ambassador of German cuisine.  An […]

This week in food

Here are some links to interesting stories, interviews, podcasts, and restaurant reviews that I found this week. Bill Buford (of Heat fame) takes an in-depth look at why the Food Network sucks ass. (I cannot believe they cancelled Molto Mario!!!)  Peggy over at Last Night’s Salad Party has some words for Olive Garden Dennis Getto reviews Siego’s Steakhouse […]