Ramp Castle

Ramps ramps ramps.   With the coming of spring also comes the annual barrage of the foodieverse talking about ramps.  The ramp craze has gone so far that there is now a ramp backlash (I predict the burger backlash cannot be far behind).  The blog, Shut Up Foodies even includes ramps in their tag line: […]

What others are saying about Wisconsin Burgers

So my post on Five Guys has me thinking about Wisconsin’s great burgers.  This is a topic that can be debated to no end.  What’s better, a thicker pub burger like those served at Sobleman’s, The Little Musky Bar in Arbor Vitae, Fuzzy’s in Waukesha or The Wicked Hop or the thin, butter burger patty […]

New Blog dedicated to Eating Locally

The Waukesha Freeman has a great article on two women from Hartland, Kristin Sanden and Courtney Marschalek and their new blog, http://everyshadeofgreen.blogspot.com/ which aims to promote locally produced foods.  Their website is somewhat new but they are amassing lots of information about local producers, which is a great start.  I know a lot of people […]

The power of foodblogging

For those of you who have always thought that some of the so-called gourmet or luxury foods are a total ripoff, this is awesome. I first heard about this on Restaurant Guys Radio. It’s an in-depth analysis of Noka chocolates and their actual value by Dallasfood.org.  You will be appalled at the markups on this stuff.  […]

Gourmet Food Blog

Gourmet Magazine recently launched a food blog, which was brought to my attention via a post at Megnut.   To be honest, its not that impressive.  It kind of seems like someone at an employeee meeting, when prompted for new ideas said “Hey, lets do a food blog!”  and they ran with it.  The postings are short […]