What others are saying about Wisconsin Burgers

So my post on Five Guys has me thinking about Wisconsin’s great burgers.  This is a topic that can be debated to no end.  What’s better, a thicker pub burger like those served at Sobleman’s, The Little Musky Bar in Arbor Vitae, Fuzzy’s in Waukesha or The Wicked Hop or the thin, butter burger patty […]

New Blog dedicated to Eating Locally

The Waukesha Freeman has a great article on two women from Hartland, Kristin Sanden and Courtney Marschalek and their new blog, http://everyshadeofgreen.blogspot.com/ which aims to promote locally produced foods.  Their website is somewhat new but they are amassing lots of information about local producers, which is a great start.  I know a lot of people […]

The power of foodblogging

For those of you who have always thought that some of the so-called gourmet or luxury foods are a total ripoff, this is awesome. I first heard about this on Restaurant Guys Radio. It’s an in-depth analysis of Noka chocolates and their actual value by Dallasfood.org.  You will be appalled at the markups on this stuff.  […]

Gourmet Food Blog

Gourmet Magazine recently launched a food blog, which was brought to my attention via a post at Megnut.   To be honest, its not that impressive.  It kind of seems like someone at an employeee meeting, when prompted for new ideas said “Hey, lets do a food blog!”  and they ran with it.  The postings are short […]