Interview with Kevin Revolinski, Author of Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide

Late last year Kevin Revolinski released an updated version of his 2006 book,  Wisconsin Beer Guide: A Travel Companion and retitled it  Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide.  Since 2006 there has been so much change in the Wisconsin Brewing industry  and that change is reflected in this book.  Numerous breweries included (but definitely not limited to) Lakefront, Central […]

Primal Cuts: Cooking With America’s Best Butchers

For many Americans the ritual of buying meat is a boring and impersonal ordeal. Everything is in a neat package on display in refrigerated cases.  Everything has been cut down into pretty steaks and roasts with no imperfections and no indication that it actually came from a living breathing thing.  That seems to be changing, albeit on a very […]

Book Review: Mark Kurlansky’s “The Food of a Younger Land”

Mark Kurlansky – “The Food of a Younger Land” Riverhead Books 2009 Nowadays it’s fashionable to gripe about how bad the food we eat is.  From movies like “Supersize Me” and the soon-to-be-released “Food Inc.” to books like “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “Fast Food Nation”  it appears America’s hunger for books and movies bashing our […]

My new favorite cookbook

Bobby Flay cooks the kind of food I like most. Some people love French cuisine with its storied history and refined technique others like comfort food with recipes that have passed down from generation to generation. I love Southwestern, Tex Mex, and Mexican food, especially when grilled. If its got avocado, jicima, chipotle, cilantro, and […]