Win some Howling Wolf BBQ Sauce & Rubs!

I was approached by Ken Wolfe of  Howling Wolf Gourmet Foods a few weeks ago to see of I wanted to do a promotion and give away a gift set of one of his sauces and rubs.  Always happy to help a Wisconsin company, especially one creating products for the grill, I agreed.  Ken perfected his sauces while working at his restaurant, Cafe Wyoming in Dubois, Wyoming but now lives in Theresa, Wisconsin works on Howling Wolf products full-time.  He’s got a nice lineup of sauces including Original BBQ, Extra Spicy, and Crenberry Orange.  He uses natural ingredients and he avoids using high fructose corn syrup which often appears as the top ingredient in commercial sauces, even the beloved Sweet Baby Ray’s.  His rubs include Original, Mediterranean, and Land and Sea, which Ken says was created for fish but tastes great on everything from steaks to popcorn.

For this promotion Ken is offering a gift set featuring one bottle of his Original sauce plus one packet each of his Land & Sea and Original Rubs. So in the comments section describe the strangest or most creative thing you have grilled, smoked, or cooked outdoors.  I want real creative stuff here.  Beer Can Chicken and Cedar planked fish aren’t going to cut it :)  I’ll pick the five best comments and randomly select one of them to get the prize package, which will be mailed to you from Ken.

9 thoughts on “Win some Howling Wolf BBQ Sauce & Rubs!

  1. I talked my husband into grilling mussels. We used a wire mesh pizza pan so the smoke could get through but the mussels wouldn’t fall through the grate. It took just a few minutes, but you could really get some of that smoky flavor. I had a garlic, butter and wine sauce ready and mixed the mussels with that and they were awesome. We will do it again.

  2. I once wrapped a brat burger patty in a bacon weave and grilled it. All the grease from the bacon caused a pretty big fire, but aside from that it turned out awesome. I ate it on a pretzel bun with some Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.

  3. When we lived in Okinawa a typhoon was bearing down on the island. All the jets were typhoon evacuated so those of us left always hunkered down at someone’s house and, well, partied. We ran out of “American” food so we did a quick run to the local grocery and came back with octopus and squid. In our brilliance, we tried grilling them. It didn’t work, but I bet some good rub and sauces would’ve helped!

  4. We’ve grilled a frozen pizza before. It turns out surprisingly well with the smoky flavor from the charcoal!

  5. Several years ago in the Azores, I helped make a local dish called cozida. It’s a stew, mixed in a clay pot, that gets buried in the ground of a steamy part of the volcanic island. We buried it in the morning, then had a great Easter dinner that afternoon!

  6. Marcus & I routinely have a S.O.S. night which translates to “shit on (a) stick”. This involves us sticking pretty much anything on a stick and grilling it over the fire. Lamb makes a frequent appearance because it does so well but we often wrap biscuit dough, onions or mushroom in bacon and cook out. The weirdest thing we’ve done is Starburst. Strangely, it’s pretty good.

    Now on a regular grill? Lamb ribs are my favorite thing. You can’t help but feel like a primitive carnivore gnawing on them. And this weekend we’ll be smoking two duck breasts and serving them with a spicy peach chutney.

  7. venison , tenderloin stuffed with hot peppers and wrapped with bacon on the grill then basted with BBQ sauce .

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