Wild Tomato Pizza continues to impress

Last year I raved about a new pizza place in Door County called Wild Tomato.  At the time I said it instantly became a must visit restaurant for future trips to the area.  We were back in Door County in October and of course decided to return to Wild Tomato in Fish Creek for dinner.

Even though it was a cold and rainy Monday in October, there were still a lot of people inside.  The warm glow of the wood burning oven was perfect foil for the miserable weather.   When you arrive you’ll notice a blackboard with a couple of special pizzas listed.  One of them is the Donation Creation.  Each month Wild Tomato comes up with a creative pizza from which a dollar of each sale goes to benefit a local business or charity.  October’s pizza went to benefit the Hardy Gallery in nearby Ephraim.  It took some cajoling (and letting her choose the salad) to convince my wife that this was the pizza we needed to try given the interesting list of ingredients.  The autumnal themed creation featured house made onion jam, cinnamon braised pork belly, duck sausage, roasted pumpkin, pears, and cheese.  Oh and it’s not just any cheese, it was 3-time American Cheese Society’s “Best in Show” winner (the only cheese ever to win 3 times) Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese.  The sauce was a rosemary olive oil. 

While we waited for our donation creation the waitress brought out our Caprese salad.  It was at the end of tomato season so I expected them to be suspect, but these were actually pretty decent. The highlight of this dish is definitely the creamy fresh mozzarella and the wood fired bread.  One of these times I am going to try their wood fired bread basket, which includes  Garlic flat bread, herb fococcia, breadsticks, Parmesan cornmeal baguette, cheese cracklins with marinara, balsamic & garlic olive oil, and herb goat cheese.  There is something about that slightly charred crust that makes their bread irresistible.

The pizza arrived shortly and it was pretty impressive.  Even with the laundry list of ingredients it didn’t seem overcrowded.   The pizza had the tell-tale blistered puffy edges from the wood oven and was incredibly complex (and very delicious). Each bite revealed different flavors.  One bite would have the buttery roasted pumpkin and the next would have the rich pork belly and duck sausage, which were balanced nicely by the pears and onion jam. The rich nutty taste Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese tied everything together quite nicely.

On both of my visits they had nice variety of Lagunitas and Oso beers as well as several other great microbrews. They also have a nice selection of wine.  Service is about as friendly and consistent as you’ll find in Door County where I have kind of been trained to accept ambivalent waiters and lackluster service.

Incredible pizzas, seasonal and local ingredients, impressive beer list, great employees, and a creative kitchen have made Wild Tomato very popular and it remains near the top of my list of Door County Favorites.

Wild Tomato is located at 4023 State Hwy 42 in Fish Creek, WI 54212. Phone: (920) 868-3095.

2 thoughts on “Wild Tomato Pizza continues to impress

  1. I remember reading your raves last year, and thinking we’ve really got to make it up to Door County to try this place out… of course now that you’ve mentioned the Uplands Reserve (and cinnamon pork belly!), I’m even more convinced!

    Just got done experimenting with some pork belly of our own — and gosh, now I’m thinking I might put some of the leftover confit on a pizza. YUM.

  2. I really loved your pork belly posts. The pic on top of the first post about it is so damn mouthwatering.

    The pork belly on the pizza was very good the only thing I would have done different would to to have it in bigger chunks or lardons. They cut it super thin, like bacon or pancetta

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