A.J. Bombers Review on A Hamburger Today Sparks Controversy

A recent review of Milwaukee’s A.J. Bombers by Lacey Muszynski,  A Hamburger Today’s new Milwaukee blogger has sparked controversy.  Some (myself included) have taken her to task for including owner Joe Sorge’s marketing tactics in her review of A.J. Bombers and many felt she went into the restaurant wanting to write a bad review because she despised his aggressive marketing tactics.

At first I jumped on her saying that she had a chip on her shoulder about the place before she ever set foot in  there but reading the comments I have kind of changed my tune, not about A.J. Bombers burgers (which are usually very good), but the way the ardent followers attack anyone who dares report of a problem or displeasure with a meal there.  There are a lot of A.J. Bombers fans that love the place for the food but there also are a number of them who love it because its “cool” to like A.J. Bombers.  I’d wager that a great deal of the people tweeting support and attending the Food Wars tapings  for A.J.’s have never even set foot in Sobleman’s, let alone had a glorious, delicious Sobleman burger and that is troubling. 

Reading through the comments it’s almost embarrassing.  Followers of A.J. Bombers need to realize that this place is not the French Laundry of burger joints.  Mistakes are made and inconsistent burgers, fries, and service happen.  They have happened to me (only once though)  and unfortunately for A.J. Bombers they happened to Lacey when she went in there to review the place for a national website. 

I know that A.J. Bombers is capable of making some of the best burgers in the City and I am hopeful that this review will have Joe Sorge tightening stuff up to make sure inconsistencies are less commonplace.  I’d also like to point out to those who worship at the altar of the bomber that there are other great burgers in our City so put down your iphones and Droids and get out there and taste them.

One thought on “A.J. Bombers Review on A Hamburger Today Sparks Controversy

  1. Thanks so much for your support here, throughout your site, and in the articles mentioned. You’re right, our biggest fans can get a bit defensive at times and I think it’s rooted in the ownership they feel for the joint. In the end we made some mistakes that night and I promise we’re tightening up the ship.

    Thank you again, it’s really very much appreciated.

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