Food Wars Tonight: AJ Bombers vs Soblemans

From their PR people:

In this week’s episode, Camille is headed to Milwaukee for a battle between AJ Bombers, a popular upstart burger joint, and Sobelman’s Pub and Grill, the city’s old school standard in burger excellence. Sobelman’s has been a premier burger destination for the last ten years and it’s historic building on St. Paul Avenue has been a Milwaukee institution for well over a century.  Dave Sobelman has built a great reputation, but his burger supremacy will be tested by Joe Sorge and his trendy new establishment.  In just a year and a half, Sorge has used social media and excellent burgers to build a following at AJ Bombers that rivals Sobelman’s loyal fan base.  With the help of two expert food critics, Kyle Cherek (host of Wisconsin Foodie) and Josh Ozersky (hamburger historian), Camille will have both restaurants prepare their most iconic “Milwaukee Burger” and decide who will take home the title of best burger in town.



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