The Abyss!

 As you’ll notice postings on here have been few and far between.  It comes from a lack of time and  because we don’t go out to eat as much.  I used to have a backlog of restaurant write-ups on here because we were out 1-2 times every week, now its more like a couple of times a month.  As such I haven’t had a ton to write about until I had my “ah-ha” moment while sorting through the contents of our chest freezer this weekend.  There were so many unique items in there that I figured it would fun to blog about using them.  Don’t worry there still will be restaurant reviews and a review of a killer new book (coming later this week) but I am going to be mixing it up and blogging more about home cooking from this point forward.
So back to the chest freezer.  I have had it for a little over a year and I was amazed at how much stuff has amassed in that short time.  I’ll post the entire list later this week, but I can tell you there is quite a variety of stuff in there including some braised pork belly, a 6 pack of quail, confited duck meat, some marrow bones, veal sweetbreads, a bunch of baby octopii, and a package of beef cheeks, which is the subject of my first post.  I used them to make a shortcut version of Michael Symon’s beef cheek pierogies from his incredible “Live to Eat.”  Watch for the first installment on Wednesday or Thursday!
NOTE/UPDATE: Got busy this week so guess what?  The beef cheek “pierogies” went into the abyss of the chest freezer.  Ugh.

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