Basil Peach Cocktail

My friend Kristina recently posted a delicious looking recipe on her TNLocavore blog for Basil Peach Sangria.  I also found an old seltzer maker at a thrift store. What do these things have to do with each other?  Well I decided to take the elements of her recipe but twist it around a bit using my newly acquired seltzer maker.
First I took two 12oz cans of peach nectar and added them to the seltzer maker and carbonated it.  Then I muddled the about 4 basil leaves in the bottom of the glass and added some of Milwaukee’s own Rehorst Vodka (about 2 oz.) and ice.  I then dispensed the peach nectar (which was now essentially peach soda) into the glass and added a lemon.  
The flavor was spectacular and the cocktail was quite the refreshing drink after an afternoon of yard work. I used vodka because I wanted something neutral but I think you could add any white liquor like Rum, Tequila, or Cachaça and have it turn out awesome.  The flavors of peach and basil worked surprisingly well together and the lemon and the carbonation helped cut through the sweetness of the peach nectar.  I may have found my new favorite summer drink.
If you don’t have a seltzer maker try to find some peach soda (Stewart’s makes one and most Mexican markets will have some type of peach soda as well) or just use peach nectar and have a non-carbonated drink.

6 thoughts on “Basil Peach Cocktail

  1. This looks fantastic Jeff! I’m not a fan of overly sweet drinks which is why I was really surprised to like the drink I posted. The basil just does something to keep it from being too much. I’ve been thinking about getting a seltzer maker. I may just have to do that now. Imagine this concoction with rosemary & gin?

  2. The seltzer maker is pretty fun. Not bad for a $2 find at the Salvation Army. Rosemary and Gin sounds like a good match. Maybe some lemonade or orange juice (since both work great with rosemary in savory dishes)in the seltzer maker, gin, and muddled rosemary?

    Or how about orange juice, muddled fennel fronds (since orange and fennel work together), and gin?

  3. Bet this was awesome — I found out about the peach/basil combo last summer when we went all out and subbed peaches for tomatoes in our BLT’s (with basil mayo). SO good. And the weather has been such that refreshing drinks are just the thing.

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