Bartolotta’s Northpoint Custard Stand

I had a chance to finally check out Bartolotta’s Northpoint Custard stand at Bradford Beach.  Bartolotta’s have done an admirable job making the run-down snack booth into a true food destination.  There is plenty of outdoor seating and even on the hot summer night I visited, I was able to park in the Bradford Beach parking lot adjacent to the stand. 

I placed my order and after about 5 minutes my number was called.  Given the number of people there when I visited, 5 minutes was pretty quick.  I had an impressive 1/4 pound burger topped with sautéed onions and blue cheese.  It was juicy, well seasoned, and delicious. The krinkle cut fries were decent enough and were finished off with some seasoned salt. I definitely think this burger belongs in the discussion of the Top 10 burgers in the area and I cannot wait to get back and have another one or maybe venture onto other parts of the menu, which includes some unique sandwiches including grilled tuna steak, portabella mushroom, and breaded perch sandwiches. The Bartolotta’s have yet another winner on their hand but you’d better enjoy it soon as they are only open during the warmer months.
Northpoint Custard is located at 2272 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53211

2 thoughts on “Bartolotta’s Northpoint Custard Stand

  1. Glad to hear that Northpoint lives up to the hype! We haven’t made it down for a burger yet, but we’ll have to make it a priority. Helps that you can eat outside with a lake view, no?

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