Can a burger still be great if you have to eat it amongst deplorable douchebags?

If you are visiting Rockit Bar and Grill on Hubbard Street in Chicago’s River North neighborhood the answer is yes.

While in Chicago a couple months ago I was looking for some late night eats and while wandering down Hubbard Street and I spotted Rockit. Looked at the menu and they said they were still serving so I sat at the bar and ordered a Goose Island Honkers Ale and a cheeseburger.

First I had to deal with some arrogant prick yelling criticisms at the bartender because she didn’t snap to attention the minute he came to the bar (she was the only bartender) and there was a decent crowd. He kept saying stuff like “Is this place closed? because I’d like to get some drinks and nobody is helping me. You must be closed then” and “I own bars in New York and if I saw an employee take this long she’d be fired.” Total cockbag.

I soon got my burger, a Black Angus burger on a pretzel roll with lettuce, onion, tomato and Cheddar cheese. As I bit in it was as if I was tasting perfection. This was one hell of a burger. Thick, perfectly seasoned, juicy, and a perfect medium rare this was a thing of beauty. It was better than any pub-style burger I have ever experienced in Wisconsin, including my favorite at Wicked Hop. The pretzel roll just added to the awesomeness of this burger.

Then as I was eating my very delicious masterpiece I head some whiny dude in his mid-to-late twenties complaining about everything under the sun to his girlfriend. “Whey are we here?” “This place is lame.” “How long do we have to stay here?” He seriously sounded like a 5 year old that was forced to go to church.  I’m not sure who was worse him or his girlfriend that has such low self esteem that she puts up with such a whiny little twit. I turned around and not surprisingly he was wearing a Marquette hat.

If you are in Chicago you need to try this burger.  However my suggestion would be the check out the Wrigleyville outpost of Rockit. That area tends to be less high strung and mighty be just a notch less douchey than this location.  Rockit is located 3700 N. Clark  or 22 W. Hubbard.

5 thoughts on “Can a burger still be great if you have to eat it amongst deplorable douchebags?

  1. Pure genius putting the burger on pretzel bread!! If you have a second, hop on over to my blog – my husband and I had the best burger of our lives last night – with Tillamook sharp cheddar and applewood smoked bacon – heaven!

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  3. I loved your comments about the impatient guy with the bartender and the whiner. Why is it some people seem to never develop beyond say age 5 emotionally, no matter how old they get. I have lived in Ohio, Chicago suburbs & Wisconsin.

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