Eat Local Tips from TN Locavore

Interested in eating locally but don’t know where to start? Eating locally but looking for new ideas or inspiration? Looking to expand your range of local items on your table? Looking for resources for seasonal recipes? If you fall into any one of these categories you should really check out this posting from my friend Kristina over at TNLocavore. She’s based in Knoxville, Tennessee but the same guidelines for eating local apply everywhere.

Her post also reminded me that I wanted to comment on a produce stand on Sunset & East Avenue (K-Mart parking lot). I stopped there once this year and never went back. The reason? Most of their produce was from out of state. I saw raspberries and blueberries and was pretty excited since the farmers’ market rarely has them. Then I looked closer and realized they were from Driscoll’s, located in California. Does that name sound familiar? It should, they are the exact same berries you find at Pick n’ Save or Sam’s Club. They aren’t terrible but they aren’t local. I looked at other boxes and noticed that the sweet peppers were flawless, the cucumbers too. Looking at the boxes I realized that they are pretty much selling the same stuff you can get at any grocery store but at inflated prices. I believe they do get some local stuff, like sweet corn and tomatoes later in the season, but if you go there be sure to look at the boxes and ask questions about the produce. Don’t assume that because it’s small stand that you are getting locally grown farm fresh produce.

3 thoughts on “Eat Local Tips from TN Locavore

  1. Thank you for this post and pointing out something that I should do more of myself- which is support my own local growers. Times are tough and if we don’t support that local farmer he might not be there next season.

  2. Just came across your blog and it looks great! I also recently started my blog and live in Milwaukee. It’s good to see other Wisconsinites out there:)

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