Take that, Garlic!


The Waukesha Freeman has a thing called “Soundoff” on their opinion page. It allows every moron (including myself) to post comments on whatever they feel like. It usually starts with a comment on some recent news item, then the next day someone writes in to rip the opinion of the first guy, then the next day the first commenter responds.  Its a horrible feature and pretty much goes against everything that a newspaper should be by allowing incoherent rants that often include racism, slander, and outright lies to be published anonymously.  Well alongside all of that crap this morning was a rant against garlic:

Garlic When to use garlic? Number one, I like garlic. I like some garlic on salami, a prime rib and Easter Polish sausage. However, why must garlic be used on roast chicken, thrown into mashed potatoes and other restaurant meats? Are the meat and potatoes that bad-tasting? Why not cook with no garlic and have garlic powder shakers like salt and pepper on the table? Then you can put on as much garlic as you want. “

I kind of think garlic is overrated, but would never be so angry at it overuse take the time or energy to write into the local paper to bitch about it.

2 thoughts on “Take that, Garlic!

  1. What the commenter obviously fails to realize is that garlic is a vegetable, and not necessarily just a seasoning. In fact, we consider to occupy its own essential food group, along with dairy and grains. Unless they are, as your illustration rightly calls out, in fact vampires.

  2. Allow me to interject just one small thing: Garlic is NOT ketchup.

    It is not used to “mask” the delcious flavor of chicken. Or potatoes. Or even the (stated) beloved prime rib or Polish sausage.

    And, well, the sort of garlic that comes in a “shaker” … while it has its applications… is infinitely less appealing than fresh cloves, painstakingly pressed and sauteed.

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