One Local Summer Week 6: Grilled Goat Chops & Miso Butter Sugar Snap Peas

For this week I decided to finally use the goat chops I got from Greek Acres Farms in Cambria, who have been a fixture at the Waukesha Farmers’ Market since I started going 4 seasons ago. I tend to lean towards lamb chops but figured I’d give these a shot. Plus they are less daunting than the large chunk of locally grown beef cheek sitting in my freezer.

I wanted to really get the flavor of goat since I had never made, nor eaten, goat chops before. My goat intake has really been limited to goat (Birria) tacos, and various stews or curries with goat meat that has been braised in flavorful liquid for hours and hours.  So instead of marinading or creating a sauce to go with them, I rubbed the goat with some extra virgin olive oil and then seasoned with kosher salt, pepper, and Penzey’s Northwood’s Seasoning.  I then grilled them to about 125F for the rare side of medium rare, and then sprinkled some fresh mint from my garden on top. I also grilled some green onions, cut lengthwise and drizzled with olive oil and salt.

The goat was a mixed bag. The tenderloin side of the chop (imagine a T-bone steak) was so tender and full of flavor, with the only problem being the small amount of tenderloin on each chop. The other side, while flavorful, was way more tough and chewy that I had expected.  I think had I done some additional butchering myself it may have remedied this problem.  However this meal did reveal something interesting; fresh mint and grilled onions taste amazing together. 

I served the chops with some locally grown sugar snap peas that I tossed with miso butter (1 part miso paste mixed with 1 part melted unsalted butter) and sprinkled with black and regular sesame seeds.  Once you have miso butter sugar snap peas, its tough to make them any other way.  They are that good.

The wild rice was not local, it was Trader Joe’s vacuum sealed pre-cooked wild rice, which has become a staple because it is so easy to make (90 seconds versus an hour or more for uncooked.  Until I get another bag of Wisconsin wild rice, this will need to suffice.

Local Products Used:

Goat Chops – Greek Acres Farms (Cambria, WI)

Mint – Backyard garden

Green onions and sugar snap peas – Waukesha Farmers’ Market


4 thoughts on “One Local Summer Week 6: Grilled Goat Chops & Miso Butter Sugar Snap Peas

  1. You have to get credit just for the title: it’s not often you see words like “goat chops” and miso butter sugar snap peas together. Do you think if you used lamb chops instead, you’d have been happier with the results?

    We are also big fans of the Trader Joe’s vacuum packed wild rice. Certainly not local, but they take at least an hour off the prep time for one of our favorite side dishes.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try goat for quite some time now. We’ve got a small greek grocery nearby and they sell it. I’ve also saved your miso butter sauce for next year. It’s too late for peas this year but I can’t wait to try it next year.

  3. Just ate goat at Mayura Indian restaurant this past week — and I found the flavor to be quite pleasant. I might have to hike it over to the Waukesha market to check out Greek Acres. Am wondering if a different cut of the goat would lend itself better to grilling. Or maybe goat likes to be slowly simmered… don’t know enough about it to say.

    Miso butter is brilliant — adds great flavor to veggies! Love the tip for brussels sprouts too.

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