Memo to Jamika (Next Food Network Star contestant)

To: Jamika Pessoa

From: Wisconsin

Re: The Next Food Network Star USS Intrepid Challenge

So the Food Network gives you Cheddar Cheese, beer, and kielbasa to make a “Wisconsin” dish for the soldiers on the USS Intrepid and you make some gluey potato casserole and you are supposed to be the next Food Network Star?  You were lucky there were no Wisconsinites on that ship when you asked.  Honesty, I was in your corner Jamika (well you and Jeffrey, the rest of the contestants suck)but you have done Wisconsin wrong with your abuse of our three favorite things, beer, cheese, and sausage.

You could have made a Wisconsin cheddar and kielbasa risotto, using the beer in place of stock. You could have made beer cheese soup. You could have made a macaroni and cheese, or you could have really made your mark and done what any Wisconsinite would do when given these ingredients. Grill the kielbasa, eat the cheese as is and wash it all down with the beer. 

Think you can do better? As I posted last week, The Food Network is casting for next season already.

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