Culver’s Fried Cheese Curds


While watching Discover Wisconsin, host Stephanie Klett was gobbling down some freshly made beer battered curds at Cheese Days in Monroe on a recent DW episode about The Tastes of the State it got in my mind that I needed some curds. Remembering that Culver’s has curds on their menu (which I have never tried) I figured I give them a shot.  Bad move.

While I thoroughly enjoy Culver’s butterburgers and other menu items (though I am pissed they killed the blackened chicken sandwich) I can tell you that their curds are a major disappointment.   In fact they are terrible.  They were coated in a bredding reminsecant of what you would find on institutional grade mozzarella sticks and the taste of the seasoned breading overwhelmed the cheese, which was barely cooked through (it should be nice and gooey).  The cheese itself didn’t taste much better probably because it had been frozen and probably wasn’t high quality to begin with. 

I am of the opinion that the best fried cheese curds are beer battered (not breaded) so the light batter doesn’t outshine the curd. The cheese also has to be fresh and cooked to a temperature where it becomes gooey.

So while Culver’s can be counted on for some great burgers, decent custard, and a surprisingly good fish fry they completely failed at creating a fast food version of the deep fried cheese curd.


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