Eat Local Challenge: Grilled Wisconsin Lamb Chops

The Eat Local Wisconsin Challenge is currently underway (it runs from September 5th to the 14th).  To participate, people are encouraged to participate in the  Participating involves spending at least 10 percent of your food budget on local foods, preferably those that come from within 100 miles of your home.  Here is one of my contributions:

A few weeks ago I purchased the lamb from Greek Acres Farms who are located in Cambria, Wisconsin (74.34 miles from me). The lamb is grass fed, naturally raised, and USDA inspected lamb. They have a stand at the Waukesha Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and their products have always been very good.  They also have pork (I think that comes from another local farm), Highland beef  (the skirt steak and hanger steak are great), and other lamb and goat products (the lamb brats are very exceptional). All items are vacuum sealed and frozen.

I marinaded four lamb chops in a mixture of 1 teaspoon of harissa (a spicy Middle-eastern paste), about 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and two tablespoons of red wine vinegar, and about a teaspoon of that Weber “Grind n’ Grill” Chicago Steak seasoning.

Let it marinade in the fridge around 10 hours.

Remove lamb from marinade, wipe off excess marinade, season with salt and pepper and more of the Weber seasoning, grill over high heat to an internal temperature of 120 degrees (for the rare side of medium rare), let rest for at least 5 minutes.

I also grilled up some local green onions from the Farmer’s Market as a garnish. I had never grilled this kind of onion before and I really liked the results.  It kind of mellowed out the bite that green onions typically have.

I served the lamb with a Qinoa salad with Wisconsin goat cheese.  I prepared the qinoa in the rice cooker and when it was done I mixed in the goat cheese, kosher salt, and extra virgin olive oil.  Then I added some tomatoes, onions, yellow peppers, and zuchniini, all of which I got at the Farmer’s Market too.


2 thoughts on “Eat Local Challenge: Grilled Wisconsin Lamb Chops

  1. Although late, as it ended today, Fox6 posted a video about it yesterday.

    I am glad to see they are bringing awareness, but they are missing some crucial details like when it runs, what other stores are participating (other than outpost), and where you can find more information. Hopefully they supplied this on the actual TV broadcast.

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