Brew Review: Tyranena’s Scurvy IPA (Brewers Gone Wild)

Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills, Wisconsin makes some of my favorite microbrews in the state.  In the chill of winter there is nothing like a glass of their seasonal Shantytown Dopplebock or their Rocky’s Revenge Bourbon Barrel Aged brown ale with its robust flavor with notes of malt, caramel, and flavors.  In the summertime I enjoy the Bitter Woman Pale Ale or the light and refreshing Fargo Brother’s Hefeweizen.

I have been checking out their “Brewers Gone Wild Series” which they describe as a series of “big, bold, ballsy beers, since they started doing them.  To date my favorites were the Hop Whore (which thankfully they released twice) and pretty much any of their bourbon barrel aged ones. For a full list of the beers released in this series, check out their website.

The latest entry is the Scurvy IPA brewed with Orange Peel and it is sensational.  Hoppy beers are often described as having citrus or grapefruit notes, so why not pair a pale ale with some real citrus?  The result is beyond what I expected.  Often times orange or citrus flavoring can overpower a beer but in this case it is relegated to a supporting role that mixes very well with the bold hoppy bitterness.  The beer also has a nice malty balance, something I love in a pale ale.  While I don’t like it as much as Hop Whore, it is still a great pale ale with an interesting twist.  If you like pales, this one will not let you down.

Rate Beer reviewers have given it a 94 out of 100 points and if forced to rate it on the Rate Beer scale I would probably give it a similar grade.

I picked up mine at the fabulous Three Cellars in Franklin. They have a very impressive selection of beers, which you can mix and match to make your own six packs, and host free beer and wine tastings every Saturday.  They also have special brewery nights on many Thursdays where you can meet the brewmasters behind some of the best beers in the Country, try the beers, and you may even get to sample a beer that has not been released to the public yet.   This Thursday’s featured brewery is Magic Hat from Vermont. Enjoy samples of Magic Hat’s lineup including a special release.

Make sure you sign up for their newsletter.  They will e-mail you when they get new beers in and remind you of the tastings and other special events at the store.


2 thoughts on “Brew Review: Tyranena’s Scurvy IPA (Brewers Gone Wild)

  1. Just stopped by Discount Liquors in Waukesha and picked some up. It’s been a while since I had Hop Whore so I can’t directly compare but I really enjoyed both.

    Thanks also for pointing out Three Cellars. It’s a trip from SW New Berlin but I’ll remember it when I’m down there on business.

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