Great Wisconsin Products: Nueske’s Smoked Liver Sausage

Everyone knows that Wisconsin-based Nueskes makes some of the best bacon around.  Nueske’s is well regarded and used by chefs in some of the best restaurants in the Country.

What some may not realize is that they also make some of the best liver sausage around too.  I would guess that Wisconsinites consume the most liver sausage per-capita of any state in the nation so people have pretty strong feelings on what brands they are loyal too.  Up until recently I have been on the fence with liver sausage or braunschweiger.  I have had some really good stuff (Usinger’s) and some pretty terrible stuff  (Oscar Meyer) that tasted almost as bad as eating a can of Alpo dog food so its not a food that I purchase or eat that frequently.  That might change now that I tried Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Liver Sausage.  This stuff is great. The sausage has a milder liver taste that is nicely balanced with a pronounced applewood smoke flavor.  The texture is somewhat firmer than other liver sausage which may be another reason I like it so much.  As with all liver sausage, this is great on rye bread with thinly sliced onions (and even a bit of mustard).  I like using the little pumpernickel rye slices.

Nueske’s is based in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.  Visit their website for more information on their story, their products, and where to buy. I have noticed that Nueske’s products can be found in many supermarkets, though more upscale ones like Sendik’s tend to carry more of their products than Pick n’ Save.   That’s where I found the liver sausage.   The kiosk at Mayfair Mall has all of their stuff, I think. You should also check out the press clippings they have on their website including reviews from the New York Times and Saveur.


One thought on “Great Wisconsin Products: Nueske’s Smoked Liver Sausage

  1. Thank you for posting this, my mother LOVES liver sausage. I will have to check out Sendik’s for a treat for her.

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