Great Lakes Distillery announces Rehorst Citrus and Honey Vodka

Great Lakes Distillery is announcing the release of their newest product; Rehorst Citrus & Honey Vodka .  This vodka is produced using real lemons and pure Wisconsin honey produced by Wisconsin Natural Acres While most flavored vodka’s are produced with industrial flavorings, Rehorst Citrus & Honey uses only natural ingredients. Hundreds of lemons are hand zested and the purest honey available is infused and redistilled to produce the most naturally flavored vodka available.

Great Lakes Distillery was founded in Milwaukee, WI, in 2006 by Guy Rehorst. Great Lakes Distillery products are created from natural ingredients using local sources whenever possible. Other Great Lakes Distillery products have won international recognition including Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Vodka which won a Silver Medal at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Gin made with sweet basil and Wisconsin Ginseng and has won a Double Gold Medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Gold Medal at the 2008 Beverage Testing Institute spirits review.

Great Lakes Distillery which is located in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood plans a move and expansion into Milwaukee’s Walkers Point neighborhood in late summer.

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