I went for the Gusto

It wasn’t easy but I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle of the old school Schlitz beer.  I tried to get some at Discount Liquor a week ago and they were out.  Then I heard they were rationing it by placing it behind the counter and only allowing 1 six-pack per customer.  Then I was at Sobleman’s where they have promotional table tents, condiment holders, and posters all over the place.  Unfortunately they were out of the Schlitz too. OnMilwaukee writer Andrew Wagner is also having problems finding it.

Well yesterday I managed to secure a bottle of this elusive brew.  Just one. And how was it?  It was pretty good for a macro-brew.  There was an ever-so-slight hoppy taste and it went down smooth.  I don’t think it will replace High Life or Point as my “easy drinking” beer but it may find its way into the fridge every once in a while.   It could however challenge Pabst for the hipster drink of choice.

I am not sure how much a six-pack is going for but someone told me it was $5.99.  There is no way this is worth $5.99 a six-pack especially given that you can get some micros for this price or a buck more.  This is a 3.99 a six pack beer at best.

Now if Pabst could somehow get their beer to taste like it used to before they pulled out of Milwaukee I would buy a heck of a lot more of it.  They have never admitted to changing the formula but the old PBR had a more pronounced hop taste too, some people even thought it tasted soapy.  That taste is gone.  Maybe it was the equipment in Milwaukee that imparted that flavor, maybe its different (cheaper) ingredients. Only Pabst executives know.  Maybe they should bring back Andeker too!

One thought on “I went for the Gusto

  1. The Metcalf’s Sentry on 68th and State has been getting pretty regular shipments. Try giving them a call to see if it is in. It has been there the few times I remembered to look for it.

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