Internet Scraps: June 30, 2008

This is great list of the top 10 home cooking mistakes (it could be titled, Why Your Home Cooking Tastes Like Crap). In that top 10 list the author refers to salt and seasoning.  Check out this article on about the different kinds of salt and whether they are worth using.   Not surprisingly table salt didn’t fare so well.

I also stumbled upon this great article about the Wisconsin Supper Club which liked to this site’s review of Ed Thompson’s Tee Pee Supper Club.

CRAP! Miller has had some success with its replacement of MGD Light with this horrible MGD 64, which means that it is unlikely that MGD Light, which I consider to be the best tasting light beer, will ever come back.   I bought a six pack of MGD 64 and while it tastes better than Michelob Ulta, the worst of the light beers, it still pretty much sucks.

The Farmer’s Markets are starting to get more and more items as summer moves along.  Here is a good article giving some tips on how to shop at a Farmer’s Market.


One thought on “Internet Scraps: June 30, 2008

  1. I, for one, am thrilled to see that there is finally FOOD available at the local farmer’s markets! Finally, summer eating can begin in earnest!

    Great tips — especially about bringing re-usable bags and cash!

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