Kilo Kai Rum

Discolsure: In recent months this blog has captured the attention of people who want to send me stuff to review and/or publicize. I also get some invites to food and drink related events.  I don’t have any problems with this because if I dislike something I have no qualms about stating that even if it was comped.  Also, it gives me things to blog about.  I am more than happy to publicize press releases if I think its something people would be interested.

A couple of months ago  received an invitation to the Milwaukee launch of Kilo Kai, a new spiced rum  I couldn’t attend due to a prior commitment but they did send me a bottle to sample and I am happy to write about it.  But first some background information.

Kilo Kai is being produced by Brad Trayser/Apostrophe Brands, the people behind Effen vodka.  This rum is taking aim at Captain Morgan drinkers.  They are hoping that fans of Captain and Coke will change their drink to Kilo and Coke. The marketing strategy is aimed at getting the concert going and nightlife scene into their rum.  They have had some really good bands at their launch parties, including Pegboy in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (why couldn’t they have Pegboy here in Milwaukee??!!!  They are one of my all-time favorite bands.)  and are having roll out parties all over the country.   I’ll admit that I think that most marketing campaigns for liquor and beer are kind of stupid because they are almost always based on image and style, not taste and substance.  It seems as if the message is “you will look cool and get members of the opposite sex to be attracted to you if you drink our product.”  Kilo Kai’s campaign is really no exception, though they do reference how it tastes in their promotional materials.  I just don’t like their stupid slogans like “Take No Prisoners” and I don’t care if all of the dj’s, service industry types, and hipper than thou night club scenesters are drinking it (if anything that would make me not want to drink it).  I just care about how it tastes.

Kilo Kai tastes good.

I’ll admit I am not a hard alcohol guy.  I like the occasional gin and tonic and I am a fan of bourbon but I am a microbrew guy first and foremost.   With that being said, Kilo Kai was actually very tasty and is leaps and bounds better than Captain Morgan and Bacardi spiced rums.  It actually tasted good straight out of the bottle with no mixers and tasted great mixed with Coke.   It has a really nice vanilla aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and it doesn’t have the burn that the Captain has. There are definite caramel undertones and the spice isn’t as aggressive as in other spiced rums.  I also get some licorice notes.  The bottle is kind of cool looking with frosted glass and a black label with a skull logo.  As an ex-skateboarder, I liked the band of grip tape wrapped around the neck of the bottle even though it serves absolutely no purpose except to look cool.


2 thoughts on “Kilo Kai Rum

  1. I think I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the local distilleries/alcohol producers in the Milwaukee area.

    We’re not huge spiced rum fans at our house either. But, we’ll be keeping the local options in mind for our next party.

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