More information on Wisconsin Foodie

I received some additional information on the new Wisconsin Foodie TV Show, which airs this Saturday at noon on Channel 12 (WISN):

With the already-present national popularity of food, cooking and travel shows, Digital Cinematique Productions is proud to present the premiere of Wisconsin Foodie.

Debuting Saturday, May 10th, 2008 on WISN-TV – Channel 12, each half-hour episode dives into Wisconsin’s culinary world – profiling local food treasures and unique travel destinations. Wisconsin Foodie artfully blends all three show facets (food, cooking and travel) to create a national-style program, yet completely local and all about Wisconsin.

The goal of our show is to be a leading voice for one of our state’s greatest asset… food.

Every week, we will be traveling across Wisconsin featuring those with the same passion for food as we do – from local purveyors to small town diners and upscale restaurants. We plan to show you where your food comes from and how it gets from “out there” to on your plate.

The idea of the show started with one question: Who and where does our food come from? Everyday, thousands of Wisconsinites dine out, eating mostly fast food and unconscious to the culinary treasures surrounding them. Wisconsin Foodie will promote healthy, local, seasonal eating and the different eating styles that have permeated our habits and culture.


One thought on “More information on Wisconsin Foodie

  1. I am a videographer, and I would like the opportunity to do some video work for your show. Please contact me asap. Thank you.

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