Schlitz in a bottle is back

People who like their cheap beer in a bottle and have been reluctantly swilling Schlitz from a can for the last several years  can rejoice as Schlitz is available in bottles again. The better news? Its not the same stuff in the can, its the actual recipe from Schlitz’s heyday in the 60s when it was the most popular beer in the Country.  They apparently had more hops in that recipe, hence their popular tagline “just a kiss of the hops.”  Changing their brewing process and recipe to cut costs ultimately killed the Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee and many people believe had they kept this recipe they would still be one of the nation’s largest brewers.

Now if we can get Pabst to do the same and go back to their recipe (which was still being used in the early 90s before they closed up shop in Milwaukee.  They may say its the same, but it is not.  When PBR was brewed in Milwaukee at their brewery it had a more pronounced hop flavor giving it what some described as a “soapy” flavor.  Ever since Miller started brewing PBR it has never quite tasted the same.

2 thoughts on “Schlitz in a bottle is back

  1. As somebody who was born after Schlitz went down the tubes, that is really great news. I agree that Pabst needs to go back to their original recipe, too.

    Let’s start an on-line petition–or maybe it would be more enjoyable to just drink enough Schlitz to show Miller what kind of an opportunity they’re missing with PBR!

  2. Hi,
    My brother absolutely loves Schlitz in a bottle, but can’t find it in Massachusetts. Where can he purchase this?

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