Fish, Cheese, and Brat Throwdown this Friday, March 28, 2008

From a press release I got this morning:


MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The East Town and Westown Associations today announced they will meet along Milwaukee’s River Walk next to the new Kincaid’s Restaurant at noon on Friday, March 28, to compete for charitable contributions in a “fish tossing” style contest that will challenge dexterity, aim and appetites in the name of community spirit and fun in support of welcoming a new business to the area.


“Downtown businesses on both sides of the river respect Milwaukee tradition and also enjoy trying exciting new things,” said Stacie Callies, Westown Association executive director. “Both of our business associations are looking forward to this competition because it takes good, old-fashioned Wisconsin cheese and brats and combines them with the fresh-fish throwing tradition made famous in fish markets in Seattle, the home-base for the newly opened Kincaid’s Restaurant downtown. It’s a nice way to welcome Kincaid’s Restaurant to Milwaukee and get our business members together to help raise money for our neighborhood improvement activities.”


“Our members are really gearing up for this and we expect a good crowd. It will likely get a little messy when the fish and other items start flying, but it’s all part of the fun,” said Kate Borders, East Town Association executive director. “Westown may have a little home court advantage in our Milwaukee version of ‘March Madness’ since Kincaid’s is located on its side of the river, but we’ll come to play and are already tossing smelt and walleye in preparation. In all seriousness, our business association members on both sides of the river are good natured at heart and enjoy a great camaraderie when it comes to promoting the downtown and making it a better place for everyone to work, live and play.”


The event will start at 12:15 p.m. at Kincaid’s Restaurant at 1110 North Old World Third Street (the spot formerly occupied by Third Street Pier). Two 10-member teams representing each association will line up gauntlet-style near the River Walk. Participants will wear colorful, water-repellent ponchos and toss the cheese, brats and fresh fish to each other down the line. The teams will be competing for $5,000 in donations to their non-profit organizations.


“We are excited about this event and are happy to be a part of Milwaukee’s downtown business community,” said Karli Larsen, guest services director for Kincaid’s Restaurant.


Kincaid’s, a new fish, chop and steakhouse is sponsoring the contest and will also be providing the fresh fish. Usinger’s Famous Sausage will supply the stringed bratwurst and Wisconsin Cheese Mart will supply mini-wheels of Wisconsin cheese for the tossing. Both are Old World Third Street neighbors to Kincaid’s.

Kincaid’s is a restaurant with a diverse menu featuring a number of unique, versatile dishes from rock salt-roasted prime rib and lobster macaroni and cheese, to a fresh seafood list that changes regularly. Kincaid’s is located one block east of the Bradley Center and is owned and operated by Restaurants Unlimited of Seattle, Wash. For more information on Kincaid’s Restaurant, please visit

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