What is up with our food supply?

Michael Ruhlman has a great article on salt and fat and how American’s are being misled and fooled into eating crap.

CarbWells, SnackWells, Low fat, no fat, carb-free. These labels continue to trick unwitting (and to be blunt, stupid) consumers into thinking that somehow crap like Oreo cookies are good for you. This article explains the insanity and how the snack companies are trying to come up with another product that they can convince the public is “healthy.” The best quote from the article “ For a fickle public, each variation (of fad induced snack food) offers a fleeting hope that a junk food can deliver indulgence without consequences.

I still know of people who avoid rice, potatoes, and tortillas because of the Atkins nonsense. The whole premise was just absurd but Americans, many of whom prefer style over substance (how else do you explain the current state of the music industry) figured “who gives a crap if my arteries are clogging, as long as I am thin.” Thankfully that fad died a fairly quick death.

Some factory farms want to prohibit milk producers from labeling their milk and dairy products as “BGH Free” because they think it implies that the stuff with BGH (which does not need to be labeled as such) is somehow bad. According to the New York Times the makers of the hormones and the farmers that use it have embarked on a counteroffensive that includes pushing efforts by state legislators and state agriculture commissioners to pass laws to ban or restrict labels that indicate milk comes from untreated cows. This is complete insanity. They want to take the right away from consumers to make their own informed choices as to what they chose to consume.

The food companies don’t give a crap about any of this. All they want to do is use the least expensive ingredients to mass produce food that consumers will pay a premium for. These are the same companies that were so angered with the findings that trans fat was horrible for you that food conglomerates Kraft and Nabisco joined a group of companies that spent over $1 million into studies that might yield more favorable conclusions about trans-fats.

Michael Pollan, one of the foremost authors on our food culture, has the best recommendation of all:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”


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