Oh come on already

I think the Journal is never going to hire a restaurant critic and its time to start criticizing them for it.  Enough of this crap about it being to close to the death of Dennis Getto (he’s been dead since last July) to hire someone. Enough of these stupid articles talking about restaurants but not reviewing them.  Since July there have been several restaurant openings but the Journal’s only coverage is the Threeview in that stupid Shepherd Express ripoff, MKE.  The “reviewers” are amateurs who don’t have the background and knowledge to really give a good review, plus they only go once.  Taking cues from them as to where you should dine is about as useful as taking cues from some opinionated blogger. ;)


9 thoughts on “Oh come on already

  1. I agree that a real restaurant critic is needed for the official Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but to assert that the Shepherd Express’s restaurant reviewers aren’t amateurs couldn’t be farther from the truth–the so called “alternative” weekly is entirely compiled by amateurs.

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. But in my defense I never asserted that the Shepherd’s reviews weren’t amateurish in fact I never mentioned them at all because they are not really reviews because they barely criticize anything…probably because they don’t want to risk losing ad money. Of all of the places to trust a restaurant review, Shepherd Express ranks last.

    Speaking of the Shepherd, I mentioned that MKE is a Shepherd ripoff. With that being said, am I the only one who thinks that the Shepherd sucks nowadays?

  3. Agreed, but the Shepherd’s site is the only one that allows readers to rate and write reviews. None of the other publications do.

    Also, both Sarah Biondich and Jeff Beutner at the Shepherd have been writing reviews for 10 years.

  4. I like that the Shepherd reviews off-the-beaten path places but any criticism is mild and I just don’t trust their reviews because I have been burned by them before. I just wish if something sucked they would come out and say it.

  5. I happen to know that the JS is very much searching for a dining critic; I know people they’ve looked at but unfortunately were already well-entrenched where they were. Very, very good people, too–they’re looking for the best they can get (and at some of the best in the country) and I suspect they’re none too happy having it take this long but wouldn’t be happy settling. I hope they don’t have to. But it’s certainly unfair, and untrue, to suggest they’re not looking.

  6. I’ve been a part of the threeview panel before. No one’s ever admitted that the panelists in the MKE are experts. In fact far from it, just your average everyday person having a meal and sharing the experience. It’s merely a brief synopsis of what you’ve eaten and what you thought of it, I don’t think MKE is making it more than that.

    As for Denis Getto not being replaced yet, I have to agree with you on that. It is taking a wee bit longer than I ever thought it would.

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