Ok so all of the presidential candidates are talking about change so I figured it was time for some changes around here.  As I mentioned before I am playing around with the site design.  I also have 2-3 people that want to contribute to the site and make it better, more diverse, and most of all more interesting to read.  Anyone else who wants to contribute should e-mail me at using the link at the top of the right column.

So in 2008 watch for more articles about Wisconsin Food, recipes, farms, festivals, cheese, food societies, cooking techniques, restaurant reviews, beverage reviews and other stuff.  I am also starting something I am calling the EatWisconsin Mircobrewery Tour where I am going to attempt to drink and review every type of microbrewed beer produced in Wisconsin.


One thought on “Change

  1. I’m excited to read about the Mircobrewery Tour. I had two friends that were able to drink 365 different beers in one year. It would have been more challenging if they hadn’t gone to at least two beer-tasting events that year. One of them told me that he thought he would be able to do 365 different Wisconsin-made beers next time. That would be fun to try, but I have a keg-o-rator at home so I really stick with mostly one beer each month or so.

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