Fuzzy’s On Main in Waukesha – The best breakfast most of you aren’t eating

My first visit to Fuzzy’s on Main, located just west of downtown Waukesha, for breakfast I was a bit leery.  The outside of the building, which seems like it was once a gas station or service garage, isn’t too attractive.  It looks like your typical dive bar.  Once I walked through the door my fears were somewhat laid to rest (but not totally).  The inside is quite nice with wood floors, flat panel LCD tvs, and a tasteful decor.  My only complaint about Fuzzy’s was the smokiness (even if nobody is smoking, it smells smoky), but if you can get past it you will be rewarded with the best breakfasts in Waukesha (probably better than anywhere in Brookfield, New Berlin, Muskego, and Pewaukee too).  If you were overserved at the bars the night before, Fuzzy’s just might have the perfect cure.

Coffee is nothing extraordinary, but it is strong, tastes decent, and the waitresses are constantly topping off your mug. It’s the perfect start to your hangover regimen.  Next up is the menu, which has so many items you might think you are at IHOP.   While the menu is filled with some great dishes, two of my favorite things I have eaten there come from the daily specials.  The best I can tell is that every Saturday they have biscuits and gravy, which I am a sucker for.  You get 4 large, fluffy homemade biscuits topped with excellent sausage gravy and it is fantastic.  If the coffee didn’t settle your weary stomach after a night of excessive drinking, this will.  Another special that I have only seen there once is a chipotle flat iron steak with eggs.  A very tender flat iron steak is cooked to perfection and served with some excellent hash browns and two eggs however you want them.  Most breakfast steaks are thin, tough, and overcooked.  Not this one.  The steak is nicely charred on the outside and a nice rosy pink hue  in the middle.  For those who have never tried a flat iron, I would highly recommend them.  They are as tender as a filet mignon but have much more flavor.  My favorite steak cuts are the hanger and the ribeye, but the flat iron is a close third.  The chipotle seasoning adds some kick, but not too much. 

If the specials don’t sound tantalizing enough the regular menu should suit you fine.  Whether you like sweet or savory breakfasts, there is truly something for everyone.  From corned beef hash and eggs to French toast, the menu is full of a wide array of breakfast options.  My favorites come from the Cafe breakfast specialties section.  The best one in my opinion is the Tostada My Breakfast, which features grilled flour tortillas with beans, chorizo, scrambled eggs, onions, peppers, and cheese with hash browns, sour cream, and salsa.  Sound like a lot of food?  It sure is.  I cannot even fathom how many calories are in this heaping mound of pure delight but I don’t care because it is so damn good.  I have a hard time finishing this.  Also great is the Billy Breakfast Burrito which is pretty much the tostada my breakfast served in burrito form with a really good cheese sauce on top.  That same cheese sauce adorns the eggs benedict which are also very tasty.  The omelets are all huge and the standout is the corned beef hash omelet.   Wash it all down with a tasty bloody mary and the hangover will be a distant memory.

Service is excellent, especially given that some of these people may have worked until 2:30 the night before.  If you can get past the notion that you will undoubtedly reek like you spent a night at a smoky bar once you leave, Fuzzy’s is one of the best breakfasts in Waukesha County.

Fuzzy’s is located at 627 Main Street in Waukesha. Not sure of their hours bet they always seem to be open.  Unlike most bars that serve breakfast only on weekends, Fuzzy’s serves up their kickass breakfasts 7 days a week.  My favorite time is on Sunday mornings during football season.  There isn’t much that is better than a gut-busting breakfast, a bloody mary, and some pre-game football shows to get you fired up for a Packer game.


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