Eat Wisconsin Quick Bite: Wilbur’s BBQ in Racine

Last week I was in Downtown Racine and stopped by Wilbur’s BBQ at 515 5th Street in the downtown area.  From the outside it almost appeared closed but the inside was warm and inviting.  There are two options at Wilbur’s either eat off the buffet which features staples like mac and cheese, greens, black eyed peas, spaghetti, pinto beans, and cornbread as well as a meat of the day such as ribs, rib tips, chicken, and brisket (they had rib tips when I was there). Or you can order from a menu that features several BBQ’d meats (ribs, shoulder, chicken, brisket), catfish and a handful of sandwiches. 

I opted for the pork shoulder, which came with 2 sides.  You can have fries and/or any 2  items from the buffet.  I tried French fries and the mac and cheese, which a customer told one of the employees, was the best they ever had.  While it may not be the best I have ever had, it was still really good, it was rich and creamy and is the perfect side dish for pork shoulder.  The fries were fine but I should have tried something else from the buffet like greens or black eyed peas.  Coming in at under 8 bucks this is a steal! I got a container with a giant pile of shredded pork,  a decent amount of mac and cheese and a heaping pile of fries.  It was enough for my dinner and lunch the next day.  The highlight was of course the pork.  While it didn’t have much of a smoke taste, it was still spectacular.  The slightly spicy sweet BBQ sauce was very good and the meat was tender and succulent.  I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for some good food in Racine.

Wilbur’s is located at 515 6th Street in Racine.  They are open Tues-Sat from 11am to 9pm and on Sunday from 12 pm to 6pm.  They also do catering and allow for carryouts from the buffet.

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