JS Online Killing Time


Getto’s been dead for 2 plus weeks and there is nary a word from the Journal regarding his replacement.  Last week they ran an assload of old Getto reviews and articles.  This week there are two restaurant articles:

One is by Jan Uebelherr, who has been writing food articles for the Journal for a while. Its about dockside dining.   I wonder if she is Getto’s replacement. Given her half-assed attempt at reviewing dockside dining options, I hope not.  Lets see…she covered the Anchorage, which is a stale, overrated, past-its’-prime seafood restaurant in Glendale.  She also covered Pieces of Eight, which is another stale, past-its-prime restaurant.  She also talks about Barnacle Bud’s, Yaffa Lounge and Seven Seas, which is very nice restaurant but not the first place I would go for dockside dining. Suspiciously absent from her list are Rip Tide, Palmer’s Steakhouse in Hartland (the deck on the Bark River is awesome), Rock Bottom (though there is a photo of it), John Hawks, The Milwaukee Ale House, The Chancery in Tosa, and the Riverwalk Bistro, all of which are as good or better than the places she lists.

The other is an interesting article on the popularity of Chef’s tables or sitting as close to the kitchen as possible.  This article is somewhat timely.  Last weekend we were at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.  The couple that was seated right before us was led to a table with a great view of the pass (the area where the dishes are finished off and handed to the servers) and the grill station.  They looked around and demanded to be moved.  My wife and I were led to the same table and the host kind of sheepishly asked if we minded that table.  You could tell he was worried that we saw the other couple refuse the table and that we too would refuse it.  We said the table was great.  For the rest of the night we watched the food being plated and the meat and seafood being grilled.  It was very interesting and much better than a table with a view of the casino floor.

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