Holy crap…Dennis Getto passed away.

Last Thursday I navigated my way to the Journal’s website ready to post some questions for Dennis Getto’s monthly chat.  I have been asking him questions for as long as he has hosted chats.  I was surprised that his chat was postponed, but I figured he was on vacation.  Friday I looked for his restaurant review and none was found, so I really thought he was on vacation.  I lamented to my wife that even on weeks he was on vacation he should really have a review in the paper….after all how hard is it to plan ahead and write one more review?   Now I feel kind of like an ass.  Today (Tuesday) Getto died of pulmonary fibrosis. I was shocked when I read the posting. 

To many, including myself, Getto was the first restaurant reviewer I ever knew.  Since as long as I became interested in the food and dining scene in Milwaukee I have read just about every word he has written in the Journal. As much as I didn’t agree with several of his reviews, or the way he would nitpick about certain things he was the most important critic in Wisconsin and he will be missed


2 thoughts on “Holy crap…Dennis Getto passed away.

  1. I was surprised to hear of his passing, I didn’t know he was sick.

    He once came and spoke at a journalism class I took at UWM to a class of about 15 students. He was an engaging speaker and I became an immediate fan. I enjoyed his columns, his web chats, and I trusted his food reviews. He was a good guy.

  2. I agree Jeff. I was so surprised and had already submitted a question for Thursdays chat. He really will be greatly missed by foodies everywhere!

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