Waukesha Mexican Restaurant Roundup (part 3)

I am sure you are expecting a review of Taco Amigo, or Chubby’s Tap, or Margarita’s, or El Ranchito, or that new place by the YMCA, or even the Cafe Espiranza on Arcadian.   I am sorry to dissapoint as I have been to none of these places.  I am hopeful that I will get a chance to visit all of them soon, but part 3 is reserved for one of my favorites.  You see at this place there is a whole lotta Mexican going on and the name of the place is Taco Johns.

I will pause while you catch your breath….

Ok, here goes.  Every meal cannot be a sit down affair.  Sometimes you want something easy, cheap and convenient.   What is cheaper, easier and more convenient than to drive through Taco John’s and order up a six pack and a pound?  That’s six ground beef tacos, hard or soft, and a pound of potato oles.  The tacos are way better than Taco Bell and if you don’t like potato oles, you are a lost cause.


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