This guy rules

I am a huge fan of chicken wings.  If I was on death row, wings would be a part of my final meal.  I am always trying out new places for wings in my own personal quest for the best wings in Wisconsin.  A guy from New York state is spending a couple weeks sleeping in a tent, travelling through New York in search of the perfect wing.  How cool is that. 


3 thoughts on “This guy rules

  1. I suppose! hahaha! I am on my own personal quest for the best Mexican restaurant, so I can understand on that level. Not a big wing fan. I always thought the Angel Bar, home of the original buffalo wings, in Buffalo, NY was the best place in the state.

  2. The best wings I have ever had were the ones my brother cooked up when he owned and ran the kitchen at Steves On Bluemound. He would take the wings naked, deep fry them, bast them in a super secret sauce (I had a friend on mine offer him $200 for the personal use of his wing recipe which was flatly refused by my brother) grill them for a little “carmelization”, and then back into the sauce for a final bath. The result was a smokey heat, with a just a hint of sweet. They were so damned addicting and on the “T” nights, they were $.25 a peice. We used to eat them till I could no longer feel my mouth, or plain just got full. (Sometimes it was a pick decision on which happened first.)
    He and his wife are now the owners of the Farmsted in Cedarburg, and I have been begging for him to throw those on the lunch menu for sure. Has not done it yet, but I will keep working him. If things change I will give you a heads up to try and stop in for lunch and check them out.
    He also has the ultimate best burger in the state that he very rarely(should definitly be a staple lunch item) puts on the lunch menu at Farmsted (also from his days at SOB’s) but that is another story for another day

    And if you are a steak guy….check out the dinners there !! I have been working my way down the menu and continually changing my “favorite” steak.

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