Nutra Sweet may cause cancer

Blah blah blah.  The amount you need to consume is so high that your chances of getting cancer are probably pretty slim.   My opinion is that it tastes like shit (same goes for you, Splenda) so you should avoid it for that reason alone.  Eat regular sugar, just eat less of it.  Its a natural food and I don’t know about you but I would much rather put something natural in my mouth than some chemical “sugar” that they need to test on lab rats.  Most dies soda tastes like horse piss, so have a La Croix water instead, its refreshing, tastes great, and has no calories an no fake sugar substitute.   If you need caffene have a tea, coffee or a regular soda, just don’t get a 64 ounce monster jug that you swill down on the way to work. 

People keep waiting for science to solve all health issues from pills to control weight to fake sugars and no-fat oils that make your ass leak, people want to do everything they can to avoid the real issue, self control. 


2 thoughts on “Nutra Sweet may cause cancer

  1. I don’t like Nutra Sweet because it tastes bad and gives me s stomach ache – so I pretty much never have any, except when it’s in things like mouthwash. I don’t even like it in gum.

    But I wish more products used real sugar instead of corn syrup. I prefer food products to keep it as natural as they can, unless there’s a very good reason not to.

    I’ve also heard that the price of corn syrup may increase when more corn is used to make ethanol.

  2. Just remember these sugar substitutes are heaven sent for some people, like type 1 diabetics like myself where every drop of sugar is counted.

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