Chris Capuano’s Favorite Eating Places has a nice feature on Brewers Pitcher Chris Capuano and his top 5 eating places in Milwaukee.   Like Chris, I loved Sol Fire and was saddened when it closed earlier this year, which reminds me that I promised to post their recipe for Fish Tacos on this site but have yet to do it.  He has some pretty solid picks including one of my faves, Lake Park Bistro. 

He says he has never been to Sanford, but wants to try it.  So here is my offer, I will go to Sanford with him and blog about it here because I too have never been to Sanford and because  I think it would be a cool feature to do a restaurant review/interview with one of my favorite Brewers.  So what’s in it for Cappy?  The bill, of course.  Considering he makes over 60 times more than I make, it would be the honorable thing to do.

It is nice to see that the Brewers have come a long way from the days of John Jaha sucking down dollar taps at the Ground Round.

3 thoughts on “Chris Capuano’s Favorite Eating Places

  1. I love your blog!! I also was a Sol Fire fan! Do you have the recipe for their Empanadas? I loved those! I will miss that and their 2 for 1 Sangrias on Thursdays the most! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jeff for the suggestion. I e-mailed then and they were so helpful. I can’t wait to try the empanada recipe at home!

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