Getto’s review of the Great Northern BBQ Company – 3.5 stars!

When I saw that the Journal’s Dennis Getto was reviewing the Great Northern BBQ Company I kind of had a hunch he would like it. I asked him about it in an online chat a while back and he said he liked it. Last Friday the review came and Dennis awarded it 3 1/2 stars, which is very impressive for a no-frills BBQ joint.   

Getto seems to be from the Ruth Reichl school of restaurant reviewing where the cost of eating at the restaurant is not as much of a factor as the experience as a whole.  Some reviewers would have a ceiling on how high of a rating they would award a place with counter service and rolls of paper towels on the tables.   Getto has always been very fair to the inexpensive eateries in town.  He is not afraid to slap 3 stars on a casual Mexican restaurant or casual pub one week and 3 stars on an upscale gourmet restaurant where diners can expect to drop 50 bucks or more per person on dinner the next.   With that being said, I still think that I was surprised that this place garnered that high of a rating.  Not that I disagree with it, but it does put the Great Northern BBQ Company in some pretty impressive company including these restaurants who recently revieved 3.5 star ratings from Getto:

Nanakusa – usually regarded as the best place in the City for sushi

Andrew’s – Andrew Ruggeri’s upscale restaurant in the Delafield hotel

Brew City – The restaurant formerly known as Brew City BBQ.  I was never that impressed with their food, but in all fairness I haven’t been to their new place yet.

Margaux – Sheboygan’s high-end French restaurant

Palmer’s Steakhouse – Regarded as one of the better steak houses in the area

Saffron Indian Bistro – Upscale Indian cuisine

Holiday House – Tess’ Joe Volpe’s newest venture

What I find even more amusing is the highly anticipated, much hyped places that the Great Northern BBQ Company beat including the high profile Kil@Wat, Envoy in the Ambassador Hotel, The Capital Grille, and Sabor.

So I would like to congratulate Mike Keiley & the rest of the crew at the Great Northern BBQ Company on this awesome review!  Keep up the great work.  If you would like to sample some of the best BBQ in the area, head on over to this place.  It is located at 2177 Silvernail Road in Waukesha


3 thoughts on “Getto’s review of the Great Northern BBQ Company – 3.5 stars!

  1. Very dry pork. I won’t be back and will stay faithful to Famous Dave’s. I’m surprised this location has lasted as long as it has.Service was also subpar (we were ignored while our food sat on the counter..and they forgot the cornbread) Prices are WAAY too high also.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience there. I have never had any issues with dried out pork…I wonder if the service and food has slipped. The 6 or 7 times I have eaten there I have found the service to be extremely attentive and the food to be great.

    My only problem with Q and all other BBQ places for that matter is that I can make better ribs at home in my smoker…actually anyone with a smoker and a copy of any one of a number Pauk Kirk, Steven Raichlen, or John Willingham’s books can achive better results because you are pulling the ribs out of the smoker at their peak flavor. All of these bbq places smoke the ribs and then store them for god knows how long. While places like Q and Famous Daves do an admirable job, I still prefer my own.

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