Friday morning ramblings

Changes at Whole Foods:I was at Whole Foodsyesterday and I noticed some changes in their prepared food area.  The Taqueria bar has been downsized and relocated to the deli area.  Given that I was there at dinner and nobody was ordering anything from there, I am guessing this was a necessary move and it probably won’t be long until the taco fixins are relocated to the self-serve hot food bar.   When you can see two other places serving Mexican food, Jalisco and QDoba, while sitting at the Whole Foods counter you can see why Mexican was not a hot item…though the carne asada tacos were some of the best I have had in a while.  The old circular Taqueria kitchen area still has a Mexican flair.  Whole Foods has encircled it with a large display of tortilla chips and salsa.  Lets hope the smokehouse/bar, where the beef brisket is spectacular, remains.

Why restaurant service sucks: Getto highlights a major issue with suburban restaurants, crappy help.  His visit to Bonefish Grill was marred by a server that compared the pesto dipping oil served with bread to snot on a plate.  While that is totally inappropriate, unprofessional, and disgusting, I think old Dennis played it up a bit more than necessary.  He claims it pretty much ruined his whole meal.  It may have bothered me as well but if the food was as good as Getto claimed, I would have quickly forgotten the  comment and enjoyed my dinner.  I guess Dennis is a bit more high-maintenance than me.   If I was a manager that person would be fired instantly and everyone on staff would have gotten a nice talk on what is expected of a server at a restaurant where dinner for two can run upwards of 50 bucks. Anyhow he did highlight an issue (he has brought this up more than once) about crappy service, particularly in the western suburbs.  There are so many new restaurants that they are forced to hire high-school kids who really could give two shits about their job.  They are short timers who feel that they are above working there.  After all they will likely be leaving for college or quitting with a year or two so why should they care about working hard and creating a great dining experience?  Even if they get fired they know there are 10 more restaurants that will hire them in an instant.  I think its the parents out in the burbs that are to blame.  They coddle their kids and believe they can do no wrong.  They would rather be their kid’s friend than a decent parent and they have failed to instill a work ethic into these kids.   I think that this crappy service may actually cause the demise of one or more of these new upscale chains that are all the rage in the suburbs these days.    On a more positive note, I find it amazing that every single time I have visited Culver’s everyone that works there is friendly, professional, and seems like they enjoy working there.  I don’t know how they do it when most fast food joints are filled with employees who make it seem like you are inconveniencing them when you order.

Foie Gras for Fido:  Apparently Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery sells dog biscuits with foie gras in them.  The author of Delete Yourself blog took the time to share the biscuits with his pooch.  Whatever happened to feeding dogs rotting horse meat.  Mmmmm Barbaro Biscuits.

Coming soon to EatWisconsin: In the coming weeks you should see reviews on a couple of Waukesha’s mexican restaurants as well as some other establishments in the City, some places to get great burgers and buffalo wings, and a review of some sushi places.



One thought on “Friday morning ramblings

  1. I’ve found that Kopp’s Frozen Custard also has very friendly and professional workers. You’d think a job like that would really suck but I’ve seen the same people there for years. Maybe it’s a custard thing.

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