Cooking Light has no clue

I found an interesting link over at Taste of The Town which announced that Cooking Light Magazine named Milwaukee as their 8th Best City.  You’d think that a site called EatWisconsin would be celebrating Milwaukee’s 8th place ranking on Cooking Light magazine’s Best Cities Awards that best fit their philosophy to “eat smart, be fit, and live well.”  Well I would be celebrating if this list wasn’t such a joke.  How Milwaukee can rank ahead of both New York and Chicago with regards to eating and fitness is beyond comprehension.   Compared to New York or Chicago the dining scene in Milwaukee is a joke.  Sure, for a City our size we have a great dining scene but we are not even in the same atmosphere as New York and Chicago.  And in terms of fitness, people in NYC and Chicago walk more than any other City that I have visited.   I do think that with the exception of the magnificent Central Park in NYC, we do have a park system that most Cities would be envious of but this ranking would be a lot more significant if the list had any credibility.


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