Longnecks: Worst microbrewed beer. Ever.

Well over a year ago Longnecks Brewbup in Big Bend (just east of the I-43/HWY 164 interchange on National Avenue) opened its doors.  Many people I spoke to where very excited as there is really only one other Brewpub in Waukesha County (Water Street Brewery in Delafield) and it is about as far from here as you can imagine.  For some reason I hadn’t made it to Longnecks until last weekend while out looking at motorcycles (the awesome Road Track and Trail is just west of here). 

 Longnecks is part of the larger Waynz World complex which includes indoor volleyball, an arcade, basketball courts as well as outdoor softball/kickball diamonds and sand volleyball courts.  Its a brilliant concept as most people in rec leagues go out for a beer after their games so you have created a built in customer base.  While these customers would be satisfied with the food, the homemade beers will leave most beer lovers disappointed.

After we were seated I perused the beer menu.   I am a hophead so I immediately decided that I would try their Big Baller Pale Ale.  Ok, the name is stupid, but it fits with the sports theme of the place.  I expected big taste but the only thing that was big was disappointment.  The beer had no character, I barely detected even the slightest presence of hops or malt.  It was bland and I detected a hint of skunkiness which was either the result of nobody cleaning the lines or the fact that nobody orders it twice.

I gave serious consideration to ordering a Sprecher or another one of the many other beers offered in bottles or on tap. However I decided to give them another chance. I moved on to the Unfiltered American Pilsner.  I figured that the beer tastes of Waukesha county skewed towards Miller products so maybe more people ordered this style of beer and thus the beer would be fresher.  This beer was a tad better than the pale ale but still terrible.  It had no character and the hop and malt flavors the menu description promised were nowhere to be found.  It tasted like beer mixed with water.  My dad tried the same beers as me and agreed that they pretty much sucked.   Honestly my first batch of homebrew (a Nut Brown Ale) was 100 times better than this swill.   

Longnecks offers a Longneck 5 foot high tabletop draft dispenser so you and your friends can order a large amount of beer without having to summon a waiter or waitress ever 10 minutes.  Think of it as a pitcher on steroids or as I like to call it “167 ounces of disappointment.” It seems I am not the only one who thinks their beer stinks.  Check out these RateBeer ratings and reviews:

Longnecks Amber, Big Baller Pale Ale, Endless Summer Light Wheat Ale

As for the food, it was pretty good.  I had the wings which were breaded, coated with hot sauce, and served with blue cheese dressing.  They weren’t the best wings I have ever had, but they were spicy and very satisfying.  They kind of reminded me of Hooter’s wings.  My dad had a steak sandwich which he said was very good as well.  It looked impressive with large wedges of grilled peppers and onions.  The sour cream an chive fries were also quite good.  Service was attentive without being overbearing.


I really wanted to like his place.  Actually I wanted to LOVE this place because it is fairly close to my house (about a 5-10 min drive).  Unfortunately we left very disappointed.  I think that owning a brewpub would be a great endeavor and I salute anyone who operates one.  However also I believe that a brewpub needs to be first and foremost about producing excellent beers and Longnecks is so far off the mark that I question whether they can ever reach the quality of a place like Water Street Brewery or the Ale House. 

Longnecks is located at S68 W22665 National Avenue, Big Bend, Wi 53103.  Phone: 262-662-5270


4 thoughts on “Longnecks: Worst microbrewed beer. Ever.

  1. Don’t forget about the Delafield Brewhaus – also in Waukesha county – with better beer than Water Street Brewery.

  2. Oh doggie, is that brew bad. Stick to the Sprecher special that’s on tap.

    Milwaukee Ale House does put out some very fine brew; it as REALLY improved over the last year.

    Even better is Sugar Maple in Bay View. That is just incredible. You couldn’t ask for better microbrew.

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