Getto rips Asiana

In today’s Journal Dennis Getto rips Asiana restaurant in Pewaukee.  I do not have any issues with his criticism because 1) I have never been there so I cannot confirm or dispute his review; and 2) Every single person I know who has eaten here has pretty much said the same thing as Getto, that the service and food is mediocre to flat out terrible.  My issue is with something in Getto’s article about Yellowtail sushi that he tried.  Well actually he didn’t try it.  Here is what he said:

“Then there was a piece of yellowtail on a basic sushi platter ($17) that still bore a noticeable strip of skin. My dining companion and I ate all the sushi on the plate except for that one and, when our server returned to the table to remove our plates, he asked us why we hadn’t eaten the last piece.

“It has skin on it,” my friend and I answered in unison.

Instead of apologizing for the gaffe or simply taking the fish away, the server decided to argue with us.

“The outer skin is removed,” he said. “That’s inner skin. You can eat it.”

We knew better. He took the plate away

You knew better?  Really?  You would think a food critic would know that many sushi restaurants leave the inner skin on their yellowtail.  However I have noticed that whenever Getto reviews sushi restaurants it is usually with his head firmly planted in his ass.  Some time ago he ripped Yokoso in Brookfield for having the audacity to put some wasabi between the fish and the rice on their Nigiri sushi.  As most people know, this is also common practice.  But we all know that Getto does not have the ability to write a review without instilling some of his know-it-all attitude.  So in order to provide you, the Eat Wisconsin reader, with the truth, I present to you the gallery of yellowtail with skin:


2 thoughts on “Getto rips Asiana

  1. Bravo for your pithy and accurate comments about Dennis Getto. Many are the restaurants I regularly patronize that he has unjustly given negative press (Yokoso, for one, as you cited; Il Ritrovo in Sheboygan for another). I have eaten at Asiana, *once*, and can verify that the service is terrible (the server attempted to deliver my soup to another table, despite the table’s insistence that it wasn’t theirs, and my calling from the bar that she was delivering my soup to the wrong place), and the food mediocre at best. On that score he is accurate, but mostly I ignore Mr. Getto’s reviews, and rely on my own tastes and instincts.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you on Yokoso, which is one of the best sushi places in the area. They have tons of creative rolls and I have never had a bad experience there. I truly think that Getto doesn’t like sushi or any raw foods that much because if you read most of his reviews of sushi restaurants he finds little things to nitpick about.

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