Crappy New Year

Though it actually happened last year, Dish Bistro, which was one of the best breakfast/brunch places in the City has recently closed and will reopen as some Irish place.  That sucks.  It was my go-to brunch place whenever we had guests in town.  There are other places with great brunches, but there was something about Dish that made breakfast/brunch seem more special.  Maybe it was the European feel of the place…or maybe the fact that the place didn’t double as a smoky bar in the evening…whatever it was, I will miss it. 

And in even worse news, one of my favorite places in the whole City, Sol Fire, has closed its doors as well.  I would say that my wife and I probably visited Sol Fire more often than most other restaurants.  The food is exciting and always good, and the menu changed enough to keep people interested.  The fish tacos were out of this world and the hanger steak with bbq wine sauce was also very good.  Apparently they couldn’t reach a lease agreement and business wasn’t doing that well.  Someone told me that they ate there 2 weeks ago and the place was dead and the food and service had declined.  

 2007 is not getting off to a good start.  Thanks to for the scoops.  Read more about the closing of Sol Fire here.


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