Brunch at Harry’s Bar and Grill


These days you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a bar or restaurant serving Sunday brunch on Milwaukee’s East Side or Downtown.  One of the first of the bar/restaurants doing brunch was Harry’s Bar and Grill in Shorewood.  Located in a former Kinko’s tenant space, Harry’s has been providing a break from the North Avenue or Axel’s scene for Shorewood and East Side residents for around 10 years or so.    I used to go to Harry’s once a month for brunch or dinner, but I hadn’t been there in a couple of years so we decided to revisit an old favorite.  Thankfully not much has changed. 

We were seated immediately and offered some coffee.  The coffee was decent, but I think it used to be much better.  I am not sure if they switched brands (I thought they used Alterra) or didn’t put enough in the filter.  The specials menu was impressive with two quiches offered as well as a creole chicken omelet, two soups, and I believe a salad.  My wife went for the vegetable quiche with Montrachet Goat Cheese.  I went with my favorite dish offered at Harry’s, the Crab Cakes Benedict.

The quiche was filled with peppers, asparagus and other assorted vegetables and the goat cheese was melted on top.  The combination worked flawlessly, as the goat cheese added a tart element typically missing from vegetable quiches.   Each of the dishes is served with some incredible oven roasted potatoes The crab cakes were perfectly sauteed and while they didn’t use larger lump crab meat, there was plenty of crab in the cakes.  The eggs were perfectly poached (though their perfect shape indicated were poached in some kind of a mold).  The Hollindase sauce tasted really good, though I would have preferred a bit more of it so I could drag the potatoes through it. 

Other brunch standouts (from previous visits) include a spectacular breakfast burrito with Harry’s signature pureed red beans and chorizo and the corned beef omelet.  Though it has been a few years, Harry’s is still kicking out some excellent brunch fare at a very reasonable price (not much tops 10 bucks).   You usually won’t even have to wait for a table, unlike other more trendy spots.  I would also encourage readers to try their dinner entrees as most of them are just as good as the items offered for brunch.

Harry’s Bar and Grill, 3549 N. Oakland Ave., Shorewood, WI. Phone No. 414-964-6800


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