Kraft Guacamole Dip Buyers Beware

Some lady who is to lazy to make her own guacamole bought a tub of that shitty guacamole dip from Kraft and is now suing because surprise…there’s barely any avocado in it.   While I understand her complaint, to sue Kraft screams “frivilous lawsuit” to me. There is no set standard for how much avacado must be in something labeled “guacamole” so her case is without merit.  However I find the response from Kraft more puzzling. They claim that they think their customers understand that it isn’t made from avocado.  What?  I actually thought that it was made from avocados, but figured they added fillers, additives, and preservatives to prolong shelf life.  I was actually shocked to discover that there is only 2 percent avocado in their dip, which would mean for each 16 ounce tub, there is probably 1 tablespoon or so of actual avocado.   Not that I really care because no matter what is in there, Kraft Guacamole sucks and I would never buy it.  The only store made guacamole you should ever buy is from a Mexican grocery store or Whole Foods salsa bar.  I usually make my own but in a pinch I swing by Super Amigo foods in Waukesha.  Its fresh and it is delicious..oh and the primary ingredient is avocados. 

So next time you are craving this Mexican treat, get some real avocados, some cilantro, limes (don’t use those shitty plastic squeeze limes or “Real Lime” either), some shallots (or onions) and some cumin and kosher salt.  It takes all of 5-10 minutes and the product is far superior to any tub that you can buy.


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