Coming soon to EatWisconsin

Later this week watch for some of the following:

EatWisconsin interviews Marcel Biro, restaurateur, culinary teacher, cookbook author, and star of the PBS show “The Kitchens of Biro.  Marcel discusses plans for the expansion of their culinary empire, shares some of his culinary approach, and discusses his new role as Ambassador of German cuisine. 

An article on the Milwaukee areas best burgers and I reveal what burger I consider to be the best. 

One thought on “Coming soon to EatWisconsin

  1. Hi Jeff–

    Saw your comment on Ruhlman’s blog…and was glad to see it! Here I had thought I made an ass of myself by asking “how does a Wisconsinite ‘eat local’ year round?” on a much earlier post.

    The larger pleasure, however, was to discover your blog. Always happy to find a new food blog, and one close to home as well!

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